Focusing on Better Content


If you arrived at this page, it’s because I recently took down one of my older (and probably better-performing) blog posts. Why?

Ultimately, I believe that blog posts have a shelf-life and once they get so old that it is no longer relevant to my site or my current perspective, it is appropriate to remove such content. This means that on occasion, I will “prune” less engaging posts from my blog and focus my efforts on better content.

Moving forward, I will author more useful, actionable perspectives and shape my blog around my interests around technology, social media and small business.

And it’s not because I didn’t like my content that I wrote before, trust me, I did and there was likely a rationale that made sense at the time.

Thanks for your understanding. Feel free to reach me on Twitter if you have either a quick question or want to suggest a topic for me to write about.