Craigslist Gets Bloggy (Finally!)

The more-popular-than-they-should free classifieds Web site, Craigslist, now has a blog to help respond to user’s feedback and engage in open discussion. Just like the site, it’s not too engaging for the eyes, but it’s still informative and gets the point across.

Craigslist's New Blog

The new blog has some useful entries to things so far. Tired of phony ads in the Erotic Services section? They talk about what they’ve done to curb abuse there. Heard about that Oregon Hoax ad? They acknowledge their cooperation with the police and put a warning out to criminals to not use Craigslist for illegal activities. Perhaps, you’re a CT resident who’s attorney general is wants to infringe on the fundamentals of the Web (and free speech) and effectively shut down Craigslist, well they talk about that also.

One major gripe — I strongly dislike the old forum layout for permalinks. I wish they’d just do permalinks to stories without forcing one to go into their discussion forums (which also has trolls and other psychos, too). I imagine once people start dominating their forum-style permalinks, they’ll just go to a traditional permalink blog style.