Calacanis Sheds Light on 'Death by Blogging' NYT Article

NYT jumped the snark by writing a piece on the stress of professional bloggers, leading the reader to believe blogging in itself leads to premature death. I disagree with this assumption, since blogging can be just much of a freeing and constricting feeling.


Jason Calacanis posted his thoughts about the story NYT ran, strongly correcting them on the fact that blogging leads to death as quickly as entrepreneurship does.  Admitedly, it is stressful to grow a startup (trust me, he knows…) and reminds people that dealing with stress is just as important as the cause of it itself.

However, I can say that it can be incredibly frustrating when a blogger can’t break any news on a topic. Look at Perez Hilton vs. TMZ. On the other hand, there are many celebs they can dish dirt about. When you’re ONLY offering is content, in a land where content is king, it is tough. All I can suggest is provide balance. It’s good to have some bonuses on stories that get circulated the most, but it shouldn’t be the the difference between a mortgage payment or a car payment.

My way of dealing with stress at work, is just to get up, walk around and relax. When I return to my desk, things come to mind, like fireworks. It’s good to take a series of small breaks and revisit topics before getting them out to the presses.