What Qualities to Look for in a WordPress Host?

I'm sitting in the back of the room at the Arizona WordPress Group, which is a free interest and support group in Phoenix to share insights and tips on using WordPress. Well, instead of being the peanut gallery, I'll share my recommendations on the … [Read more]

Social Business Explained Series Recap

This past month, I completed my series on social business. It was an exercise of discipline to stay focused on one topic and go deep on it. My role at my employer has changed so it allowed me to step outside of it and think deeply about what worked … [Read more]

Social Business Explained: 10 Lessons I Learned

I've learned a lot in the past nine years as a social media professional. For those who are venturing into this industry, it's not all flashy as it's made out to be. I love it because underdogs like myself make up this industry. Sooner or later, … [Read more]

Social Business Explained: Resources Help You Win

I don't claim to have all the answers, and I'd by lying if I said I came up with all this on my own. I want to offer you some helpful resources to help you in your quest to transform your company into a social business. These are my sources of … [Read more]

Social Business Explained: Examples of Social Business

When it comes to social business, many practitioners look for case studies and examples that they can learn and adapt from. I don't feel this is necessary to see success in developing and executing on social business initiatives. Nevertheless, they … [Read more]

Social Business Explained: The Big Picture

As a community manager, it's important you maintain a big picture of how social business will help your company succeed. It's more than social media. It's up to you to create the big opportunities for the organization and help to facilitate its … [Read more]