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About my blog

My blog has gone through many different stages. It first was my exploration into blogging, in 2005, I think. Then it evolved into a “journal” where I immaturely ranted or complained about life. Then I realized that I could help others through blogging and did my best to share my insights with the online world. Finally (currently), I share my views about technology, online communities and social media at large. My perspective will be most beneficial to an entrepreneur or a small business owner.

This blog is just one outlet among many for my ideas. I’m not right all the time, so I encourage you to share any feedback and opinions by commenting on my posts. Obviously, this blog is a personal blog that I use to express my views. Nothing published should be taken at face value or be considered as a statement on behalf of my employer, clients, friends or family. Lastly, I reserve the right to edit and/or remove comments if they are vulgar, off-topic or spam.

Here is my short biography

Joseph Manna is the Senior Content Strategist for Infusionsoft. He oversees corporate blog strategy, blogger relations and web analytics. He’s focused on driving industry-leading blog performance and leverages social media engagement for increased awareness and activity. His past experience includes managing communities and blogging for AOL and has been referenced in to two published business books: Social Media Bible and How to Measure Social Media.

Here is a bit more about me

I’m a community leader whose passion is in online media.

By day, I help small businesses succeed by planning, creating and measuring online content for a software company named Infusionsoft in Chandler, Arizona. I’ve pioneered the company’s social media program and led it to be profitable and sustainable. Currently, I am focused on leading our corporate blog program, providing measurement and insights to our content marketing performance and creating remarkable content designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Prior to Infusionsoft, I worked for America Online (AOL), where I gained a lot of experience and learned a lot of life’s lessons along the way. When the company went through a significant downsizing, I left with it in 2008.

By night, you can find me executing on my different entrepreneurial ideas. I create (and execute) on ideas and strategies for businesses to better connect with customers. As you’ll see, this theme is woven throughout my ideas.

Building rich online communities is at the core of my work. Engaged communities are loyal communities. Loyal communities drive business results such as revenue and reduced support costs and much-needed brand awareness.

In addition, I provide social media consultancy and advisory to growing businesses so they can provide massive value to their customers and market. People work with me because I actually care about people and am invested in their outcome. Unlike today’s breed of “social media experts,” I’ve have proven experience building and driving value from online communities for over 10 years. Several noteworthy managers have told me that I have a gift for relating to people and building fanatical customer communities. When I get behind something, I get results.

I have a few goals that relate to my career and entrepreneurial path. First of which, I would like to share my knowledge and insights with those who would best benefit from it. For me, those would be early-stage entrepreneurs and startup founders. Second, I would like to start a full-time consulting firm and have a few employees. This will help me relate to the real-world experience that entrepreneurs face every day.

For fun, you’ll find me behind the wheel cruising around in my Camaro. I also enjoy playing first-person shooters, shooting firearms, watching and participating in drag racing, and partying with friends.

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