Annoying email habits to avoid

I genuinely like email. I enjoy communicating with people over the web. Despite the formal nature of email communication, I am known to go a little over the top with my use of emoticons — just to make it personal and reinforce my intent in my … [Read more]

Lessons Learned from AOL & Facebook on Unbundling

In 2001, we had email, chat, web browsing, instant messages and news bundled into one service. It was better known as America Online. With 35 million subscribers in October 2001, the online access empire faced the beginning of its end with customers … [Read more]

Waze Benefits Drivers with Community Intelligence

A useful app I like to take with me on my commute is Waze. Even though Google acquired it for $966 million last year, the Israeli startup has been continually adding features and improvements to it and it has gained widespread adoption since … [Read more]

7 Automotive Performance Mods that Actually Work

Ever since I got my own set of wheels at the age of 16, I’ve always been obsessed with vehicle performance. It probably stems from my days of overclocking my computers – always in search of the best tweak, enhancement or other improvement that would … [Read more]

Improve Email Deliverability with SPF

When you hear the term “Sender Policy Framework” (SPF), it doesn’t sound too sexy or worthwhile for your business to send emails. It doesn’t scream urgency or flaunt tangible benefits for you. I hear you. Typically, emails are just supposed to … uh, … [Read more]

How to Follow Class-Action Settlements Easily

You might have seen those official notices informing you that you could be party to a class-action settlement with a company. There’s a nifty website that will help you keep up on these notices so you can receive proceeds to these settlements. I … [Read more]