Why Facebook Reach Doesn’t Bother Me

Lately, there is a lot of hubbub about Facebook’s alleged algorithm changes to the News Feed. Some reports have indicated that Pages experienced a 40% drop in reach; others stated that it’s holding steady. So, what’s the … [Read more...]

Sponsored Posts Are Great for Listening

Recently, I went to the 'dark side' [paid media] on Facebook to experiment with Sponsored Posts on our Facebook Page. I've tried previously a couple weeks before with a good level success advertising a series of local … [Read more...]

Advertising as a Business Model

I can't refute Facebook's value as one of the largest media companies around. They did it. They created a product focused on the end user experience, built an ecosystem of developers and essentially changed the way … [Read more...]

What's in a Like?

There is more to the surface of 'Liking' a brand on Facebook than merely “brand evangelists.” There are a few different reasons why people would Like a company on Facebook and the meaning of that relationship. After … [Read more...]

Facebook, Minors and Advertising

This morning, I was tipped from a PR firm letting me know that Facebook is currently in the midst of a controversy involving minors and their presence in advertising throughout the popular website. I have mixed views on … [Read more...]

Pro-tip: Secure your Facebook with HTTPS

If you’re like me, you probably access the web over wireless, even free/public wireless. Don’t get your Facebook hacked over something simple.  Take the 13 seconds and update this simple setting in your Facebook Account. … [Read more...]

The Facebook Marketing Book

The Facebook Marketing Book written by Dan and Alison Zarrella is effectively a field-guide for marketers who want to tap into Facebook. Admittedly, it's not for experts, but is an ideal book for people who understand … [Read more...]

The Right Way to Promote Your Facebook Page

So, you just invested in building your social media presence and having your marketing team running it. Great. Now what? Well, the next logical step is to promote it to your customers. Many brands – even billion dollar … [Read more...]